Army reveals details of “Dawn of Freedom” Operation to liberate Bayda


Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sarie on Thursday revealed the details of the Operation “Dawn of Freedom” that led to the liberation of the remaining areas of Bayda province.
In a press briefing this afternoon, Brigadier General Sarie announced that the army forces and the popular committees succeeded in completing the liberation of the remaining areas in Bayda during the “Dawn of Freedom” operation.
The operation primarily targeted the remaining dens of the so-called “al-Qaeda and ISIS elements” linked to the Saudi-led aggression coalition, Sarie said.
He confirmed that the army forces and the popular committees managed to liberate the districts of Al-Soma’a and Maswara and parts of Mukayras district with a total area of 2,700 square kilometers within 48 hours, killing, wounding, and capturing dozens of the coalition troops, including al-Qaeda and ISIS elements, as well as seizing large military equipment.

The death toll in the ranks of the aggression coalition forces reached 70, while 120 others were wounded and 40 captured, in addition to the military equipment losses, including the destruction and damage of 10 armored vehicles and various mechanisms, he explained.
the army spokesman added that, during the operation, many citizens who were under the grip of these “takfiri elements” were liberated.

He said ,”As soon as those areas were liberated and purified, the competent authorities, led by the local authority, along with the armed forces, began the tasks of normalizing the situationx”