Health minister reveals part of the Saudi waged war on medicines



The Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel, revealed during the first annual conference of the national pharmaceutical industries, today, Saturday, that more than 360 medicines that need refrigeration and special transport conditions are not properly arriving in Yemen as a result of the obstacles imposed by the Saudi-led aggression.

The Minister of Health indicated that more than 120 medicinal brands needed by civilians diagnosed with chronic diseases were permanently prevented by the US-Saudi aggressive coalition from entering Yemen and that 50 international pharmaceutical companies were prevented by the aggressive coalition from working in Yemen.

In addition, the Minister of Health explained that they own 17 pharmaceutical factories, and there are 20 factories under construction, explaining the desire to achieve self-sufficiency and to overcome obstacles and siege imposed by the US-Saudi aggressors. He stressed that people must strengthen their confidence of local products, assuring them that they are of high quality and have great effectiveness.

Dr. Al-Mutawakil pointed out that the national pharmaceutical industries face many challenges, and they must rise in their efforts, adding that Yemen is in need to reach the stage of manufacturing raw materials.