Foreign minister says the US-Saudi meeting was to mislead people politically



Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf considered the results of the meeting of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken with the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, in New York, as a continuation of the hypocrisy and political deception practiced by this group before the world.

Minister Sharaf stressed that the aforementioned meeting, which touched upon the current situation of the Saudi-UAE aggressive coalition against Yemen as a conflict and that they are facing Iran’s aggressive behavior in the Gulf, is an attempt to appear before the international community as doves of peace in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf.

“As if Washington and the aggressive coalition of Riyadh had nothing to do with the tragedy of Yemen and the suffering of its people that began on March 26, 2015 with intense aerial raids by them, which included squadrons of fighters of those countries backed by reconnaissance, monitoring and aerial refueling by the US Air Force, and the video files and archives of the defense ministries and huge firms testify to this,” he said.

Minister Sharaf advised the US Secretary of State to acknowledge to the world that what is happening in Yemen is a full-fledged military aggression in which the US administration participated during the Obama administration, and not an internal conflict as they are trying to promote.

He also reminded him to return to the details of President Joe Biden’s pledge before and after the elections, to end the Saudi war and the suffering in Yemen, and to stop the American support for this aggression, instead of condemning the defensive attacks of Sana’a forces on legitimate targets in Saudi Arabia, which are not comparable to thousands of Saudi sorties and aerial bombardment against various regions of the Republic of Yemen, and the killing and destruction it caused.

Moreover, minister Sharaf noted to the attempts about Iran’s interference in Yemen – when addressing the Yemeni issue and Saudi Arabia’s aggression on the people and land of Yemen- is clearly exposed after the Iranian-Saudi consultations, which the Saudi king praised 48 hours ago, and it was published by the official Saudi media.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs reiterated Sana’a’s welcome to all just and clear calls and initiatives for peace in Yemen, stressing that these calls will find an easy and acceptable course by establishing the principle of creating trust, and understanding what the Yemeni people want after seven years of suffering, by not linking the humanitarian and relief file to political and military files