Defense Minister says arrogance of the Saudi-led aggression will lead to their humiliation in this war



Defense Minister Major General Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi said that the occupying invaders refused to leave Yemen to save face, stressing that their arrogance would push them to leave the Yemeni land with humiliation instead.

This came during his inspection visit to the army and the popular committees in the districts of Al-Soma’a and Masoura in Al-Bayda after their liberation last week.

During the visit, Minister Al-Atifi was briefed on “Al-Qaeda and ISIS” hideouts in the recently liberated areas of Al-Bayda, and the workshops they used to prepare and store their explosive devices and belts.

The general minister blessed the heroes of the army, the popular committees and the loyal tribesmen for the liberation of the entire province of Al-Bayda and the expulsion of the takfiri elements, such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, from it, stressing that these victories are not made through the military equipment, but rather with the grace and support of Allah.

He pointed out that victory is near, and the Yemeni people must prepare for a comprehensive battle to liberate all of Yemen.

Al-Atifi reassured the people of the southern cities and governorates that they will see nothing but good from them, confirming the readiness to help and support them to liberate Yemeni lands from the invaders and occupiers.