Foreign Minister Welcomes New UN Envoy office of Yemen



Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf met today with the new Director of the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations of Yemen, Roxane Bazargan, on the occasion of assuming her duties.

At the meeting, Minister Sharaf assured the director to get all possible facilities to ease her responsibilities.

Sharaf explained that the continuation of aggression and siege is a major cause of the humanitarian catastrophe that Yemen is witnessing and a threat to peace and security in the region.

He stressed that the political leadership in Sana’a is serious in pursuing the path of peace and has presented many initiatives that were met with the intransigence of the aggression and its tools through the illogical link between the humanitarian file with Military and political files.

Minister Sharaf expressed his regret for the aggressive countries’ insistence on closing Sana’a International Airport in front of commercial and civil flights and obstructing the entry of ships loaded with oil derivatives, domestic gas, and commercial goods to the port of Hodeida.

He pointed to the importance of taking measures to build human confidence, which creates the appropriate atmosphere and chances for the success of any consultations or negotiations to reach a sustainable, peaceful political settlement that serves the Yemeni people and preserves the sovereignty and independence of Yemen.

For her part, Bazargan indicated that the main task of the UN envoy, Hans Grundberg and his office, is to assist in stopping military actions and addressing the humanitarian situation so as to reach a sustainable peaceful political settlement in Yemen.