ِAnsarollah leader: Yemeni people will be at the forefront of the majestic presence to commemorate the Prophet’s birthday


The leader of the ِAnsarollah Mr Abdul Malik al-Houthi affirmed on Thursday that the Yemeni people will attend massively to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Mohammed this year, 1443 AH.

In his speech to inaugurate the activities of this occasion, the leader added the inauguration of the subsidiary activities are necessary to lead to the main event on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday.

Al-Houthi said the enemies of Islam are working to separate the nation from its prophets through deceptive activities,” noting that the enemies are working to separate the nation from following its Messenger of God and adhering the Qur’an.

He said: “Our distinguished people’s celebration of Mawlid is part of their faith and awareness and a step to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers and ancestors, pointing out that the Yemeni people benefit from this occasion in confronting all the offensive efforts of the enemies of the Messenger of God.”

The leader stressed that the resonance of the celebration of last year was great, as it was an angry outcry in refusal of the French abuse of the Messenger of God.

He pointed out that the media of the Israeli enemy focused on the revival of Mawlid in Yemen last year, and expressed, adding “If our celebration of the anniversary of the Mawlid annoys the Jews and the enemies of Islam, and strengthens our relationship with the Messenger of God, we should pay more and more attention to this revival.

The leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi stated the Yemeni people do not need to be forced to cooperate in taking care of this occasion, because they are motivated by love and longing for this revival this occasion.

The Leader of the Revolution emphasized the importance of taking care of the charitable and relief aspect and caring for the poor in these blessed days.

He concluded his speech by emphasizing the continuous interest in supporting the fronts, as the path of the Messenger of God is the path of jihad.