The forces of coalition continued to violate the Sweden Agreement in Hodeidah and launched 25 raids on three governorates


A military source told the Yemeni that the forces of coalition committed 214 breaches, including the creation of combat fortifications in Jabaliya, 28 breaches by artillery shelling of 239 shells and 161 breaches with various bullets.
The violations included the flight of 15 spy planes in the airspace of al-Faza and the mountainous, and 9 raids by spy planes on al-Faza and the mountain.

The source pointed out that the coalition launched 14 raids on the Abdiya district, two raids on the Serwah district in Ma’rib governorate, and also launched a raid on the Al-Sawadiya district in Al-Bayda governorate.

In Al-Jawf Governorate, the coalition launched seven raids on the Al-Maraziq area in the Khub and Al-Sha`f district, and a raid on the Al-Labanat area in the Al-Hazm district.