Coalition launches 18 raids on 3 provinces, injuring 3 citizens in Sa’ada


A girl was killed, 2 civilians were wounded in Sa’ada, and 18 raids were carried out in 3 provinces.
The official stated that a girl was killed as a result of a remnant explosion of the Coalition in Al Salem area in Sa’ada province, while two citizens were wounded by Saudi artillery shelling on Al-Muftah area in the Munabeh border district.
Coalition warplanes launched 3 raids on Al-Dhaher district.
The official reported that the Coalition launched 10 raids on Al-al-Abdiya and Al-Jouba districts, and 4 raids on Serwah district in Marib province.
The official indicated that warplanes launched a raid on Al-Khasf area in Al-Hazm district in Jawf province.