Mr,Al-Dailami meets IOM acting representative in Yemen


Acting Minister of Human Rights Ali Al-Dailami discussed, during his meeting , the acting representative of the International Organization for Migration in Yemen, Nidhal Al-Awda, violations of the aggression against children and human trafficking.

The meeting reviewed the issue of local and foreign immigrants and the violations of international conventions and laws by the countries of the aggression coalition

In the meeting, the Acting Minister of Human Rights referred to the humanitarian issues related to the prisoners of the army and popular committees, and the detainees of citizens and immigrants in secret prisons and detention centers established by the countries of the coalition of aggression and mercenaries.

He touched on the humanitarian aspects related to the recruitment of children, which falls within human trafficking, and the danger of its increase in the countries of aggression.

He stressed the need for the International Organization for Migration to play its role in following up on the issue of children and human trafficking, and the prisoners in the detention and prisons of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the occupied governorates of Marib, Aden, and Hadramout, and the acts of torture and violations of their rights they are subjected to.

Al-Dailami pointed to the issue of illegal immigration, and the Saudi authorities pushed thousands of migrants to Yemeni lands, despite the spread of epidemics among them, which aggravates the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

He urged the organization to intervene and move seriously to develop solutions and support the humanitarian fields and work in partnership to open bridges of communication and cooperation between the ministry and the organization, to mitigate human trafficking and protect children from violations.

For his part, the Chargé d’Affairs of the International Organization for Migration in Yemen expressed the organization’s readiness to enhance cooperation with the Ministry to protect children and prevent the flow of foreign migrants to Yemen.

He pointed out that work is ongoing with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Salvation Government, and other government agencies, to solve problems and help humanitarian cases… stressing that the issue of protection and human trafficking will be on the agenda of the organization and that it will work with the United Nations to follow up on this issue.