Mr Al-Dailami discusses with ICRC delegation aggression violations against prisoners, detainees


The Acting Minister of Human Rights, Ali Hussein Al-Dailami, has discussed, during his meeting with the head of the delegation of the committee in Yemen, Katrina Ritz, the aggression violations against prisoners and detainees and the non-compliance with international covenants and laws.

on other hand, He added the need for the International Committee of the Red Cross to play its role in following up the affairs of prisoners in the detention and prisons of Saudi Arabia and the UAE and the occupied governorates of Marib, Aden, and Hadhramaut… indicating that violations and acts of torture were committed against a number of prisoners, causing the killing of dozens of them.

He pointed out the importance of the role of the International Committee of the Red Cross in taking quick and urgent action to stop the ruling and to address the repeated and continuous violations against the prisoners of the army and the people’s committees in the countries of the aggression coalition.

The Acting Minister of Human Rights, the head of the Red Cross mission, was briefed on the suffering of the traveling citizens and their detention in prisons, and the crimes and torture they are subjected to, killing some of them.

He stressed that the Ministry of Human Rights is working hard to disseminate the four Geneva Conventions and the annexed protocols related to armed conflicts and The Hague Conventions among members of the armed and security forces… Noting that the countries of the coalition of aggression and mercenaries violate the rules and principles of international humanitarian law.

For her part, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross delegation indicated the Committee’s interest in protecting prisoners and detainees in all prisons.

She stressed that the case of the prisoner Matari Al-Manbahi is on the agenda of the International Committee of the Red Cross and is working with the United Nations to follow up on this issue.

Katrina also stressed the keenness to strengthen partnership with the Ministry of Human Rights in projects and programs for the protection of human rights.