Shura Council Condemns Saudi ‘Crime’ Of Targeting Pharmaceutical Warehouses In Sana’a


Shura Council condemned in a statement the Saudi airstrikes that struck pharmaceutical warehouses in Yemen’s capital province of Sana’a.

It described the strikes as a “crime”, emphasizing that they were carried out at a time when the Saudi-led coalition of aggression is preventing the entry of basic commodities, especially medications and medical supplies, into Yemen.

The statement said the alliance is intent on killing Yemeni people by paralyzing the health sector in the country, noting that the Saudi-led war coalition’s continued siege and bans on the entry of medicines and medical supplies have exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
The statement pointed out that the aggression’s targeting of drug stores and residential neighborhoods is a blatant violation, noting that this crime comes within a series of crimes committed by the US-Saudi aggression against the Yemeni people for seven years.
The statement condemned the shameful silence of the international community, human rights, humanitarian organizations, and the United Nations, regarding the crimes of US-Saudi aggression, siege, starvation and bombing, which continue on a daily basis in various Yemeni cities, regions and governorates.
The council held the UN morally and legally responsible for the slaughter of Yemeni people and demolition of civilian infrastructure, stressing that its silence and inaction has emboldened the Riyadh regime and its allies.