prophet’s birth anniversary… Declaration of loyalty, renewal of affiliation



Yemenis celebrate this occasion every year out of their association with the Messenger of the Nation, as they were the first to believe in Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

The capital Sana’a and other provinces are lit up in green at night, as the Yemeni people celebrate Mawlid An-Nabawi, the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

During the night, all state facilities and buildings are illuminated with a green light. The atmosphere gives the walkers spirituality and tranquility.

Yemenis raise the banner of love, joy and loyalty in the celebration of the birthday of the Prophet, because of their strong relationship with him.

Yemenis also express their love for the Prophet by spreading all aspects of joy by decorating streets and buildings with lights, banners, and pictures. In addition to organizing various activities, including awareness lectures and seminars in mosques and schools.

The biography of the Prophet Muhammad and his family represents a role model and a great beacon of light for the whole nation in facing challenges and dangers that threatening its unity and issues.

The celebration also “embodies the Yemeni faith identity and close association with the Prophet, despite attempts by the enemies to keep Muslims away from the authentic Muhammadic approach.”

As celebrating this great religious occasion also proves the status and love that the people of Yemen still have for the Prophet.”

Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, in a televised speech addressing the masses gathered in the capital Sana’a and other provinces on the occasion of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday, said that “achieving freedom and independence is a holy jihad and will never be subject to bargaining.”

Sayyed congratulated the Islamic nation on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday, noting that the Yemeni people celebrate this occasion, out of love, pride, appreciation and reverence for the Messenger of Allah, Mohammed peace be upon him.

In his speech, the Revolution Leader reiterated Yemen’s firm and principled stance towards the nation’s issues, foremost of which is standing by the Palestinian people.

Al-Houthi said the enemies of Islam are working to separate the nation from its prophets through deceptive activities,” noting that the enemies are working to separate the nation from following its Messenger of God and adhering the Qur’an.

He said: “Our distinguished people’s celebration of Mawlid is part of their faith and awareness and a step to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers and ancestors, pointing out that the Yemeni people benefit from this occasion in confronting all the offensive efforts of the enemies of the Messenger of God.”

Information Minister Difallah al-Shami also stressed that the commemoration of the Prophet’s birth is the renewal of the true return to the Great Prophet in his morals, principles, and values.

He said that “the celebration is a pride and honor to the Yemeni people, so the Yemenis were keen to celebrate this religious occasion in a remarkable and honorable way, despite the circumstances of aggression and siege”.

The participants in the mass rally carried banners and leaflets expressing their immortal love and respect for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

They confirmed their adherence to the Prophet’s approach, teachings and examples set during his life.

Despite years of aggression and blockade, many Yemeni people insisted on celebrating the anniversary of the Prophet’s birth in order to assure the whole world that they are the true followers of the Messenger of Allah, from whom they derive their steadfastness against the continuing brutal war on the country for the seventh consecutive year.

Everyone lived very happy moments and they conjure up the Messenger of God in all their work and times during the celebrations.

Without competition, the Yemeni people, with their majestic presence in the 70th Square in the capital Sana’a and other ceremonial areas, were able to lead the first of the peoples in commemorating the Prophet’s birth.

The ceremony in Sana’a and other Yemeni provinces painted a painting of faith that reflected the spirituality of the Yemeni people and their association with the Holy Prophet.

Mona Zaid