Defense Minister: Reclaiming Marib is a matter of time, and the aggression has no choice but to admit defeat



Yemeni Defense Minister Major General Mohammed al-Atifi affirmed that the restoration of the city of Marib is a matter of time, considering that the global aggression against Yemen has already been defeated and that the aggressors have no choice but to admit their loss.

“Restoring the city of Marib is a matter of time, and you will hear soon good news that will delight our people and all the free people of the nation in restoring Marib to the bosom of the homeland.,” Defense Minister Major General Al-Atifi said in an interview with the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar.

Major General Al-Atifi stressed that Marib is a Yemeni land and every occupied Yemeni region will return to Yemen’s sovereignty, stressing that this subject is unnegotiable.

The Yemeni Minister of Defense revealed that the army has reached the vicinity of the city of Marib, which has become semi-encircled and in a position of pincers.

He stressed that Yemeni oil is a sovereign wealth and belongs to Yemenis, threatening the use of strategic deterrent weapons that can deter any direct or indirect aggression that may target the oil facility in Safer or any other Yemeni facilities, adding that the response will be in the depth of the countries of the aggression and all of its oil facilities at the mercy of Yemeni missile force and drones.

“Until now, we have not inaugurated the stage of “great pain”, which was announced by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, a stage that will get the enemy to lose balance and will be very painful,” defense minister noted.

In addition, he explained that the Marib initiative is primarily humanitarian, and its contents expressed a true national legitimacy and a strategic vision for our revolutionary and political leadership stemming from a free and independent.

The Minister of Defense confirmed that the general amnesty decision was issued by the revolutionary and political leadership from a position of strength and is still open, addressing the deceived by saying: Those who wish to return have full rights and have national duties.

He considered that the fate of the puppets of the aggression will be more miserable than what America practiced against its agents in and what happened in Afghanistan.

Regarding the presence of British forces in Al-Mahra Governorate, Major General Mohammed Al-Atifi affirmed that the British military presence in Al-Mahra is an open occupation and colonization, and will be dealt with it as a colonial force that has penetrated national sovereignty.

“We are the ones who will secure maritime navigation within the scope of our responsibility, and the official statements issued through the official spokesman of the armed forces are what we acknowledge and recognize, adding that Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are blackmailing the international community and trying to internationalize the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab,” he said.

“If the countries subjecting the aggression and siege persist on our people, great pain would befall them and we might reach the depths of sensitive areas, so we have nothing but strategic deterrence,” the defense minister warned the aggressors.