Information Minister praises free position of Lebanese counterpart, George Kordahi



Minister of Information Daifallah Al-Shami on Wednesday praised the free and honorable stance of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, regarding the aggression against Yemen, which he considered an absurd war that must stop.

Al-Shami denounced, in a statement to Saba, the media campaign against Kordahi by those involved in the Saudi-led aggression coalition on Yemen, against the background of his position on the war on Yemen, which he considered an absurd war that must stop.

He called on the media community and activists to show solidarity with the Lebanese Minister, who is exposed to an unjustified media attack, noting that Kordahi is also “being attacked by supporters of normalization with the Zionist enemy.”

“This position is not surprising for a large and prestigious media figure such as George Kordahi, who has a balance of freedom and humanity,” Al-Shami said.

Al-Shami pointed out that the Lebanese Minister Kordahi’s speech, which everyone followed, does not include an offense to any country, as some are trying to portray, led by the Saudi regime and its mercenaries.

He stressed the importance of respecting freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by international and national laws and conventions.

The Information Minister Al-Shami also called on the free media men to take a stand regarding the aggression and siege that Yemen has been subjected to, land and people, for seven years, amid shameful international silence.