Abdulsalam To Lebanese People: Do Not Be Intimidated By What Saudi Regime Is Doing


The head of the national delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, stressed that the Saudi persistence in using the policy of arrogance in dealing with Lebanon will not cover the catastrophic failure of its 7-year aggression against Yemen.
Abdulsalam addressed the Lebanese people, saying, “Do not be intimidated by what the Saudi regime is doing.”

To reassure the Lebanese people, he mentioned the Saudi failure in Yemen, saying that the Yemeni Armed forces have broken Saudi arrogance.

Saudi Arabia has ordered the Lebanese ambassador to the country to leave over the “offensive” remarks made by Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi regarding the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Friday that it had given Lebanon’s ambassador 48 hours to leave Riyadh and had recalled its ambassador to Lebanon for consultations as well.

The kingdom has also imposed a ban on all imports from Lebanon, the ministry said. It also doubled down on its decision regarding a travel ban on its citizens wanting to visit Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia had already summoned Lebanon’s envoy to protest Kordahi’s remarks, saying it was disappointed by the “insults contained in those statements directed at the kingdom and countries part of the Arab coalition.”