Lebanon is able to overcome the challenges faced: Abdulsalam



The head of the national Yemeni delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, encouraged Lebanon in response to Saudi Escalation against the Lebanese people and resistance.

“Lebanon, the Lebanese people and Resistance are capable of confronting challenges, no matter what they are,” Abdulsalam wrote in a tweet on his Twitter account on Sunday, mentioning that “the people of Lebanon were the first to defeat the Israeli enemy.”

He added: “The Arab must be the one who confronts the US and Israel, not follow them as a tail and targeting the nation.”

Earlier, the head of the national delegation stressed that “the Saudi persistence in using the policy of arrogance in dealing with Lebanon will not cover the catastrophic failure of its 7-year aggression against Yemen.”

Abdulsalam addressed the Lebanese people, saying, “Do not be intimidated by what the Saudi regime is doing.”

To reassure the Lebanese people, he mentioned the Saudi failure in Yemen, saying that “the Yemeni Armed forces have broken Saudi arrogance.”