Mercenaries’ authority prevents displaced from entering Marib city


The mercenaries’ authority of the aggression in Marib city has prevented dozens of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from entering the city where fighting and clashes are taking place.

The media center of Marib province said the security checkpoints of the mercenaries at the entrances of the city blocked the IDPs from entering the city during the past few days.

The mercenaries’ authority forced the IDPs to go to unpopulated places on the city’s outskirts and areas in Wadi Abedah area without providing them with the slightest services.

The displaced are not brought into the city so that the mercenaries’ authority can use them as human shields at a time when the army and the popular committees advanced towards the city to liberate it from the mercenaries

Many displaced persons complained of ill-treatment by mercenary authorities, arbitrary practices against them, arrest campaigns, and ongoing raids on their camps.