Southern Provinces Witness Unprecedented Surge In Food Prices


Citizens in the southern provinces have complained of an unprecedented rise of food prices after the continued collapse of Yemen’s riyal against foreign currencies.

” The price of the roti bread reached 50 riyals, after the price of the bag of wheat weighs 50kg exceeded 40,000 riyals, and the price of a gallon of cooking oil of 4 liters hit 10,000 riyals in Taiz, Aden and Lahj provinces,” activists said on social media.

They blamed Saudi-led coalition and Hadi government for the economic collapse, calling for a speedy creation of real remedies to save citizens’ lives from a possible humanitarian disaster.

Food prices in Aden recorded an unprecedented rise due to the collapse of the Yemeni riyal in the southern provinces against the US dollar, which exceeded 1,540 Yemeni riyals.