Shura Council condemns aggression coalition’s continued detention of fuel ships



The Shura Council condemned on Monday the continuation of the US-led aggression coalition in holding fuel ships and preventing them from reaching the port of Hodeida.

In a statement, the Council denounced the silence of the UN and the international community regarding these arbitrary practices of the aggression countries, which represent a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and the Sweden agreement that provides for allowing the entry of fuel, food and medicine ships.

The statement indicated to the catastrophic repercussions on the living conditions of citizens due to the continued detention of oil derivatives ships, and the consequent burdens on the economic, agricultural and health aspects.

In its statement, the Shura Council called on the United Nations to bear the humanitarian and moral responsibility towards the violations and sieges that the Yemeni people are subjected to, and to put pressure on the aggression coalition to lift the siege, open ports and airports, and facilitate the entry of food, medicine and oil derivatives.

The Council held the US-led aggression coalition fully responsible for the catastrophic repercussions of the seizure of fuel ships and the continuation of siege on the Yemeni people.