669 raids conducted by the US-Saudi warplanes against Marib during last October



Statistics issued by Ansar Allah Media Center in Ma’rib province recorded 669 raids by the US-Saudi aggression, targeting the province’s directorates during last October.

The statistics indicated that the Al-Jouba district was the most exposed to raids during the past month, with more than 317 raids, followed by the al-Abdiya district with 167 raids, and then the Serwah district with 140 raids.

The statistics indicated that the aggression warplanes targeted the Harib Bayhan district with 16 raids, the Rahba district with 11 raids, Madghal district with 9raids, the Jabal Murad district with 5 raids, and Al- Mahilya district with 4 raids, while the aggression aircraft have hit Marib province since the beginning of the current year 2021 AD, until today 4027 raids.

The statistic pointed out that the aggression raids resulted in killing and wounding civilians, and caused massive destruction to infrastructure, citizens’ homes and farms, and public and private properties. The aggression raids caused thousands of families displacement from their homes.