PM puts responsibility on the Saudi-led aggression for Yemen’s children tragedy



Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Monday held the US-Saudi aggression coalition legally and morally responsible for the tragedy experienced by Yemeni children, including those newborns.

This came during the Prime Minister’s meeting today with Minister of State, Dr. Hamid Al-Mazjabi, who gave him a brief presentation on the emergence of a health and environmental problem in Hodeida province, especially the districts of Zabid, Al-Jarrahi and Al Tuhita, represented by the spread of congenital malformations of fetuses and newborns.

Dr. bin Habtoor stressed that the deformities suffered by newborns, especially in the Hodeida province, are a result of the prohibited weapons that the aggression coalition deliberately used in its comprehensive aggression against Yemen.

He directed the Ministries of Public Health and Water and Environment to study aspects related to the health and environmental situation in the aforementioned districts and to send specialized emergency teams and committees to them to take the necessary measures.