Forty German Organizations Call for an Embargo of Arms Sales Against Saudi Aggression


Forty German organizations and associations sent a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel and her current government ministers and to the heads of the Free Democratic Party and the Green Party, calling for a “comprehensive ban on arms exports to the war coalition in Yemen.”

In a message, organizations and associations working in the field of peace, environment and development stressed the need to continue the current restrictions imposed on the export of weapons and military equipment and make them permanent, given the suffering of millions of civilians in Yemen from the scourge of the Saudi-led war for nearly seven years.

German organizations and associations, including Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, the Catholic Charitable Association Caritas, and “Stop the Arms Trade” organization made an appeal saying “A comprehensive and unlimited arms embargo must be imposed on all parties to the Saudi-led war on Yemen.” ” As long as those parties are involved in killing civilians, and as long as there is a risk that German weapons will also contribute to violations of human rights and international laws in Yemen”

They added “There should also be no exceptions, such as re-exports, European cooperation or export operations.” Especially with joint European deals.

The organizations demanded that the suspension of exports be comprehensive for all parties without exception, and that it not only apply to Saudi Arabia, while the rest of the parties involved in the war are excluded from it.

The organizaitions pointed out that the war destroyed the livelihoods of 24 million people, including 11 million children, the majority of whom depend on aid while the fighting claimed the lives of 100,000 people and displaced four million from their towns and villages.