HR ministry denounces Washington’s statements in support of the aggression on Yemen



The Ministry of Human Rights denounced the statements made by the US officials about America’s continued support for Saudi Arabia militarily and logistically and supplying it with various types of weapons, including internationally prohibited ones, to be used to kill Yemenis and destroy their property.

The ministry confirmed in a statement issued today, Monday, that these American statements and violations were not the first, noting that America was and still is the one who leads and directs the aggression against Yemen and its people until this day.

The statement pointed out that the US is the one who has violated all the rules and principles of international laws related to international humanitarian law, and has killed thousands of Yemeni children, women and men since the first day of the aggression of the coalition.

The Ministry of Human Rights expressed its denunciation of US statements, requesting a ceasefire to achieve peace in Yemen, and claiming its keenness on the path to achieving peace through transparent negotiations, adding that the US is carrying out terrorist acts through its military actions, and its support for Saudi Arabia and the UAE with various weapons.