Mohammed al-Houthi calls out US hypocrisy and responsibility for war on Yemen


Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member in the Supreme Political Council has commented on the remarks made by the US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, in which he reaffirmed the US commitment to “defend Saudi Arabia” during a visit to Bahrain for a global security think tank’s annual dialogue on security challenges.

Mohammed al-Houthi said that “these remarks confirm the US field partnership in the war on Yemen.”

“The US statements mixed the papers and covered up their criminality, aggression and continuous siege. The US Defense Secretary remarks were the result of a real partnership on the ground, which hinders stability and rejects peace by supporting and publicly protecting the aggressor and its deadly weaponry that is used to kill the children and women of Yemen,” al-Houthi said.

“The people will speak out against America and its actions with Monday’s demonstrations,” he added. “We tell the Americans that they have been involved in the aggression from the first day, and this announcement of support is a cover for the fact that they have not stopped their support despite Biden pledging to do so,” al-Houthi said.