Under UAE Occupation, 7000 Dragon’s Blood Trees Fall In Yemeni Island Socotra


Thousands of dragon’s blood tree suddenly fell in the Dixum Reserve in the middle of Socotra Island, which is under the control of the Emirati forces.
Activists from Socotra said on social media sites, “The globally unique trees of the dragon’s blood tree located at a distance of 2 km in the Dixim region, about 7,000 trees fell from their roots during the past five years, after the UAE established an electric station and investment factories for fish canning in the region.”

They emphasized that the natural treasure and universal value of Socotra Island has become threatened with extinction, as a result of the tampering practiced by the UAE since its forces took control of the island under the banner of humanity through the “Khalifa Foundation” during the year 2016.

They considered that the fall of the these trees was a catastrophe and an unprecedented systematic crime against the reserve, without revealing the scientific reasons behind the sudden fall of the trees.

Legend has it the otherworldly dragon’s blood tree first grew on the spot where two brothers, Darsa and Samha, fought to the death. In Arabic, it is known as dam al akhawain – “the blood of the two brothers”.