Acting of HR minister meets Acting Resident Representative of OHCHR



Acting Minister of Human Rights Ali al-Dailami has met with Acting Resident Representative of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Safeer Al-Din Sayed.

In the meeting,  al-Dailami and Sayed discussed aspects of cooperation and ways to enhance them to serve human rights in Yemen.

Al-Dailami stressed the importance of the OHCHR’s role in issues of human rights in Yemen, as this is one of its most important functions.

He pointed to the importance of strengthening the partnership between the Ministry and the OHCHR to address many issues and topics related to human rights.

The acting minister expressed hope for the serious work of the OHCHR to serve humanitarian work in Yemen, especially in light of the continued aggression and siege.

For his part, Sayed affirmed the OHCHR’s readiness to cooperate with the ministry to enhance the protection of human rights and civilians in Yemen.

He pointed out the OHCHR seeks to rebuild the relationship and partnership between the Ministry and the OHCHR, stressing that the OHCHR works to protect civilians during conflicts and wars, as well as protect the rights of people with disabilities and improve the conditions of prisoners as well.