Child killed, citizen killed, 14 injured in Sa’ada


A child was injured by US-Saudi aggression forces violations in Hodeida province, a citizen was killed and 14 others were injured including immigrants over the 24 past hours.

A military official told Saba that the forces of aggression committed 112 violations, including 3 raids by spy planes on al-Jabaliya area, 3 raids by warplanes on Hays district, and a raid on al-Araj area in Bajil district.

The violations included the flight of military and spy planes in the airspace of al-Jah, al-Jabaliya, Hays, al-Fazah, and al-Jarrahi, and 49 breaches by artillery shelling and 18 breaches by various gunshots.

The official confirmed that a child was seriously injured as a result of artillery shelling by the mercenaries on the Al-Abadia Al-Olaya area in al-Jarrahi district.

In Sa’ada province, a citizen was killed and 3 others were injured by Saudi artillery shelling on the border district of Shada, and a citizen and 10 migrants were injured by Saudi army fire in the areas of al-Raqw and al-Mufatth in Munabeh border district.

Artillery shelling targeted al-Sheikh area in Munabeh district, while the warplanes launched a raid on the al-Dhaher district in the same governorate.

The official stated that the aggression warplanes targeted Sana’a International Airport with 3 raids, and launched a raid on the September 21 garden in the capital’s secretariat.

The aggression warplanes launched 9 raids in Marib governorate, on Serwah district, 8 raids on the districts of Mahilya and al-Jouba, and one raid on Raghwan district.

In Hajjah governorate, the source indicated that the aggression warplanes launched a raid on the al-Mazraq area in Haradh district.