19 civilians killed, 15 others wounded by Saudi airstrikes during the past 24 hours



The US-Saudi aggression forces continued their violations of Hodeidah truce and killed 19 citizens in Taiz and Sa’ada provinces during the past 24 hours, a military official said Saturday. 

The Saudi-led aggression coalition’s forces committed 178 violations of the Sweden agreement on ceasefire in Hodeida province over the past 24 hours.

Among the violations were the flights of a warplane over Al-Jabaliya area and ten spy planes over Hays, Al-Jabaliya, and Al-Jah areas, according to the official.

The violations also included more than 100 violations with artillery shelling and 66 violations with various gunshots.

The official confirmed that 2 children were injured by the explosion of ammunition left by the aggressive mercenaries in Al-Mateena village in Al-Tuhaita district.\

In Taiz province, the aggression’s warplanes launched a raid on Al-Hakima village in Maqbana district on Friday evening, which led to killing 18 citizens and wounding 8 others, the official stated.

Moreover, a citizen was killed and 5 others, including 2 African migrants, were injured by the Saudi army’s fire on Al-Raqwa area in Munabeh border district of Sa’ada province, the official said, adding that the warplanes launched a raid on Al-Dhaher district.

The aggression’s warplanes also launched 8 raids on al-Jouba district and 2 raids on Serwah district in Marib province.

The enemy fighters launched 2 raids on Al-Quran area in Sanhan district in Sana’a province, and a raid on Majaza al-Sharqiya in Asir region.