Fireworks light up skies of Yemen’s provinces by Yemen winning West Asian Cup


Thousands of Yemenis came down in the streets Monday’s evening in various governorates to celebrate their country’s victory in the West Asian Youth Football Federation Championship.

Local residents said thousands of Yemenis carrying the Yemeni flag and chanting festive slogans , fireworks decorated the sky over the cities of Yemen.

For the first time since the outbreak of the aggression in Yemen, nearly seven years ago, the parties in conflict and the Yemenis in the country, from their different regions and political affiliations, joined in joy, festive march, and chants on behalf of the Yemeni team and its players.

The victory of the Yemeni youth team also received great official and popular attention, the delegation of the European Union and the envoy of the United Nations in Yemen, Hans Gruenberg, congratulated the Yemeni team on winning the championship.