Parliament condemns aggression’s attacks on residential areas



The Parliament, in its session Saturday headed by Speaker Yahya Al-Ra’i, condemned the escalation of the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition by targeting residential neighborhoods in the capital Sana’a, and other provinces.

The Parliament members strongly denounced the targeting of cities with internationally prohibited missiles and bombs, as well as the systematic bombing of roads and bridges, the threat to target sports and health facilities and civilian objects.

They called on the Security Council, the United Nations and its affiliated bodies and organizations, and the peoples and countries that reject American-Zionist hegemony and arrogance to bear legal and humanitarian responsibility and to put an end to the barbarism and arrogance of the Saudi-Emirati aggression countries by stopping the war crimes that are committed with hundreds of raids daily in light of the failure of the international community to the hopes and aspirations of the Yemeni people.

The Parliament stressed that it, as the legitimate and constitutional representative of the Yemeni people, reserves its right to prosecute the perpetrators of war crimes before national and international courts, in order to obtain their deterrent punishment, for the massacres and full-fledged war crimes they committed, which will not be subject to statute of limitations.