US (MK-84) bomb: One of the tools used in killing the Yemeni people





These are the words of the oppressed and unjustly assaulted people of Yemen, who were subjected to the most heinous crimes and brutal massacres for seven years. Innocent blood was spilled, children, women and the old were killed, their homes destroyed, their farms destroyed, their markets and mosques, their schools and hospitals were destroyed, and everything was not spared from the brutality and criminality of the United States and its tools.

This is the truth that all is known by most of the Yemeni people and the free people in this world. There is certainly no doubt that the US is a direct participant in the aggression against Yemen, and that this aggression is pure American-made. The Gulf countries, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are nothing but dirty tools in the hands of the Americans and the Israelis to launch this aggression. This aggression aims to occupy Yemen and plunder its wealth, and make it under guardianship again, as well as to protect the interests of the Israelis and the Americans.

Since the beginning of this American-Saudi aggression, America’s participation in the aggression appeared, especially because it was announced from Washington dc. The announcement was declared by the Saudi ambassador at the time, “Adel Al-Jubeir,” who later stated that coordination with the Americans was taking place “minute by minute” in their aggression against Yemen. Moreover, there are various statements of some American and Israeli officials that indicate the involvement of “America and Israel” in this aggression.

In this report prepared by the Executive Center for Mine Action – Sana’a, we will discuss one of the American bombs that were used to kill the Yemeni people and destroy their infrastructure:

US MK-84 bomb

The American-made bomb / Mark 84 /, also known as BLU-117, the date of its manufacture is 1983 AD and is known as the “Hammer” for its strong power. It is a multi-purpose, free-dropping, unguided bomb. It is considered the largest and most common of the US Mark 80 series of bombs. The bomb weighs (925 kg), of which (429 kg) is the weight of the explosive, which is a high explosive charge.

It is launched from various aircraft owned by the countries of the coalition of aggression, such as / A-10A, B-1B, B-52H, F-4G, F15A-E, F-16A-D, F-111D-F, F-117A Mirage) The Mk_84 bomb was used to destroy and target civilian objects, government facilities and buildings, as it can penetrate up to 38 cm of metal and approximately 3.4 m of reinforced concrete.

The bomb can also be used as a warhead for a GBU laser-guided bomb unit or as a warhead for a GPS-guided bomb, so-called jDAM bombs.

The bomb can kill everything alive within a circle with a radius of 800 m and cause a fatal fragmentation to a radius of 370 m. It is capable of destroying vehicles within a range of 21 meters from its explosion. It is considered one of the highly destructive bombs and has a wide impact because it contains an explosive charge of high explosive element H6 or (Minolta Tritonal) substance, which weighs about 429 kg per rocket.

This bomb is the largest in size and most destructive of the Mark series and has a wide impact and is capable of forming a crater 15 meters wide and about 11 meters deep.

The bomb was used extensively in the wars of Iraq, the Gaza Strip, and the current war on Yemen.

Between 2010 and 2013, the United States delivered to the UAE 938 Paveway-guided bombs, equipped with Mk-84 warheads. In 2017, the proposed sales of weapons to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia amounted to 298 million dollars of Paveway II and III weapon systems equipped with Mk-84 warheads.

The Mk-84 bomb tragically caused huge casualties among civilians, including children and women in most of the Yemeni governorates. It is used to bombard civilian homes, fuel stations, sports clubs, bridges, citizens’ farms, ancient buildings, citizens’ homes, health facilities, markets and parks, government buildings, nomadic tents, agricultural areas, communications networks, and roads, leaving behind extensive destruction and extensive material damage.

These bombs were used by US-made warplanes and targeted various governorates of the Republic of Yemen, especially in “Amanat Al Asimah(capital of Yemen), Sana’a Governorate, Taiz Governorate, Saada, Al-Mahweet, Hajjah, Ibb, Amran, and Al Hudaydah.”

The Targeting and bombing of vital and service facilities and buildings in Yemen’s capital (Sana’a), Sana’a governorate, Saada, Hajjah and Al-Hudaydah
Targeting and destroying vital bridges, roads and means of transportation in the governorates of Amran, Ibb, Al-Mahweet, Hajjah, Saada and Amanat Al Asimah