Yemen’s Military spokesperson warns of an upcoming “extraordinary” retaliation to Saudi’s latest escalation



The spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, explained in a press briefing, today, Wednesday, in which he revealed the details of Operation “Fajr Al-Sahra” in the Al-Yatama area in Al-Jawf that many areas were subjected to airstrikes launched by the Saudi aggressors. The airstrikes also hit the capital, Sana’a, Marib, Al-Jawf, Saada, Al-Hodeidah and other areas, where the total number of raids exceeded 500 raids within the two past weeks.

Brigadier-General Saree affirmed that these aerial raids and this military escalation forces the military to launch exceptional duties and tasks to respond to the crimes committed.

The spokesperson made it clear that the Yemeni people are not those mercenaries, traitors, and agents, but rather the Yemeni people who stand today in confronting the aggression, and who affirm today their freedom and independence.

He pointed out that the coalition of aggression is disturbed by this approach and this path because it wants Yemen to be under its tutelage, so it worked to return its mercenaries and agents, but it collided with these people and their steadfastness, will, faith and leadership that realizes that Yemen will only be free and independent.

Brigadier Saree affirmed that Yemenis are aware today more than ever that their future depends on the independence of their country and is linked to their freedom, and if the enemy is betting on its agents and mercenaries, it is betting on more failure and disappointment.