Hadramout tribes block the most important oil ports to prevent oil looting



Hundreds of tribesmen in Hadramout Governorate, eastern Yemen, began arriving in the Dabba area, which contains the most important oil export ports, as part of efforts to stop the looting of the governorate’s oil production.

Activists on social media showed pictures of hundreds of vehicles arriving, in succession, in the Al-Ain area near the Al-Dabba oil port.

Social and tribal figures in Hadhramaut had earlier called for the people of the province, who were suffering from the fire of high prices and the collapse of the currency, for a new gift to close the oil port in the province.

The call coincided with the arrival of an oil tanker, in preparation for the export of a new shipment for the coalition.

Sources in the Popular Escalation Committee expected to set up a sit-in camp near the port if the coalition forces, which deployed in the morning around the port and closed the roads leading to it, preventing the export of the new shipment.

Tribal militants in Hadramout have been carrying out massive protests for weeks, during which they succeeded in preventing the oil locomotives from leaving the province, despite the drop in fuel prices therefrom 24,000 riyals per 20-liter tank to 4100 riyals per liter tank.