UN Calls Pro-Aggression Government To Allow Entry Of Sana’a Airports’ Communication Equipment


The United Nations has called the pro aggression-government to allow the import of new communications equipment to Sana’a Airport to ensure the safety of humanitarian flights.
The United Nations Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator, William Gressley, said in a statement, Saturday, that “the communications equipment at Sana’a Airport experiencing technical problems. Over the past 18 months, UN humanitarian flight crews have reported at least 10 cases in which they were unable to contact the air control tower at Sana’a Airport or communications were unclear, and this situation is potentially dangerous.”

“The Public Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology in Sana’a worked to purchase monitoring devices in 2019″ and the United Nations agreed to transfer them. But the evacuation and humanitarian operations cell of the Saudi-led coalition did not authorize the transfer of equipment, citing the need for the approval of the pro aggression- government”, according to the statement.

The airport, whose airspace and the movement of take-offs and landings are controlled by the coalition, and has received only aid and United Nations aircraft since 2016, is considered a major corridor of aid to Yemen.

The airport had stopped receiving planes late last month due to the massive damage it sustained as a result of unjustified air strikes launched by the Saudi-led coalition.