Statistic of Violations In Marib, Coalition Targets its With Over 5,000 Air Strikes


Coalition launched over 5,228 air raids on Marib governorate during 2021. Ansarollah Media Center issued a statistic with total Coalition air strikes on Serwah district which reached 2,762. Al-Jobah district was also targeted with 836 raids and Al-Wadi district was targeted with 431 raids.
In Addition, According to the center, Coalition launched 366 air raids on Madghal district, 210 raids on Rahabah district and 194 raids on Al-Abdyah district. It also stated that Harib district was targeted with 101 raids, Majzr district was also targeted with 98 raids and Raghwan district was also targeted with 85 raids.Coalition launched 77 raids on Jabal Murad and 68 raids on Mahlyah district.

On other hand, The Media Center pointed that this statistic was monitored by The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room. The statistic revealed that the raids killed and injured a number of civilians, caused a huge destruction in infrastructure, citizens’ homes and farms, and displacing thousands of families.