Yemen Has The Right To Defend Its Security ,Its Territorial Waters


The Head of the National Delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, affirmed that every country has the right to defend its waters and Yemen, as well, has the right to defend its security and waters, According to almasirah .
He added that “what happened recently off the waters of Hodeidah with the Emirati military cargo ship is not a media or political maneuver, it is a battle of dignity and sovereignty and our people will through it until the end.

Revealing the details of the Emirati military cargo ship, the Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, said: “For the first time, the navy succeeded in carrying out a qualitative military operation targeting a military cargo ship while it was carrying out hostile activities at Yemen’s sea.”

He added, “For weeks, this Emirati ship has been under the monitoring by our forces, and it has carried out several hostile acts in Yemeni territorial waters,” noting that during the past weeks, the ship transported various quantities of weapons that are used to target the Yemeni people.

Replying to the Aggression’s media allegation which claimed that the ship was carrying medical equipments, the Head of the National Delegation affirmed that the qualitative and unprecedented operation carried out by the Yemeni naval forces caused the countries of US-Saudi aggression into a state of confusion by issuing successive and contradictory statements.

“The scenes that will be broadcast later about the military ship will make the countries of aggression shut up, confirming its false media,” Mohammad Abdulsalam wrote in a tweet.

He also said: “Yemeni Naval Forces’ operation was daring and challenging, and got the forces of aggression shocked”.