Transport minister In Sana’a meets Deputy Head of UN Mission


Minister of Transport Amer al-Marrani met on Sunday in the port of Hodeida Deputy Head of the United Nations Mission to Support the Hodeidah Agreement (UNMHA) Daniela Kroslak.

In the meeting, al-Marran and Kroslak touched on the threats of the countries of the aggression to target the port of Hodeidah, the main artery of the Republic of Yemen, which provides its services professionally and impartially.

The Minister of Transport briefed the Deputy Head of the United Nations Mission on the latest developments and the contents of the aggression coalition’s threat to target the ports of Hodeida and alSalif, indicating that the two ports operate in accordance with international conditions and standards for maritime navigation.

Al-Marrani stressed that there are no military manifestations in the two ports, pointing out that the aggression deliberately lies to mislead the international community and the United Nations.

Minister al-Marrani warned of the danger of the escalation of the aggression and the continued raids of its war on Hodeida in flagrant violation of the Sweden Agreement.

He stressed the ports of Hodeida are working to provide relief to the Yemeni people who have been besieged for seven years.

Al-Marrani pointed out that this meeting is at the core of the mission of the United Nations fact-finding mission that the ports of Hodeida and al-Salif are free of any military manifestations.

In turn, Kroslak stressed the importance of the Hodeida ports in providing relief to the Yemeni people and alleviating their suffering.

She indicated the work after this visit will be according to different tracks than it was previously, indicating that communication was made with the Special Envoy to Yemen about the latest developments.

She also stressed that the results of this visit will be discussed with the Special Envoy to Yemen and the resident commissioner in Yemen, pointing out the safety of the ports from any bombing comes at the forefront of the mission’s priorities.

Kroslak stated the Sweden agreement on Hodeida represents a reference for resolving many issues and a common base for all, and the recent developments represent a challenge to the UN mission.



اعلان الزكاة