Citizen killed by Coalition Of Saudi-Emirati air raid on Marib


A citizen was killed and another was seriously injured when an airstrike of the Coalition Of Saudi-Emirati warplanes hit residential houses in Harib district of Marib province, a local official said.

The official explained that the Coalition Of Saudi-Emirati fighter jets launched an airstrike on the village of Al-Butohaif, which resulted in the killing of the citizen, Musaed Yahya Hussein Al-Tuhaifi, and the wounding of the citizen, Faris Hizam Al-Tuhaifi, with serious injuries.

On Other Hand, the Saudi-Emirati aircrafts waged a series of raids on the districts of Harib and Al-Jouba, causing severe damage to citizens’ houses, farms and property.

The official denounced the escalation of the Saudi-Emirati’s raids on inhabited villages, and the destruction of public and private property.