Coalition Saudi-Emirati Commits 112 Ceasefire Violations in Hodeida


The Saudi-Emirati coalition forces committed 112 violations of the Sweden agreement on ceasefire in Hodeida province, the operations room to monitor the violations reported

Among the violations were 2 airstrikes of Saudi-Emirati fighter jets on al-Jarrahi, establishing new fortifications in Hays and al-Jabaliya, according to an official in the operations room.

On other hand The official pointed out that the violations also included the flight of 5 warplanes and the flight of 6 spy planes in al-Jabaliya skies, Al-Jarrahi and Hays, and 5 spy planes in al-Jabaliya skies, 50 breaches by artillery shelling of 107 shells and 44 breaches with various gunshots.