Lack Of Oil Derivatives Threatens Lives Of 25,000 Cancer Patients In Sanaa


Head of the National Cancer Center in Sanaa, Dr. Abdullah Thawabah, on Sunday warned of a humanitarian catastrophe that threatens the lives of oncology patients due to the lack of oil derivatives in light of the blockade imposed on the country.

Dr. Thawabah, in a statement he issued today, held the US-backed Saudi-led coalition countries and their followers fully responsible for this catastrophe as a result of their unjust siege imposed on the Yemeni people.

“The Oncology Center provides its services to more than 25,000 patients throughout the governorates of the country”, he said.

He explained that 120 patients receive daily treatment in the radiation department, 140 patients in the chemotherapy department, and others in the diagnostic and examination departments, which all depend on electricity.

The head of the oncology center said: “We can hardly cover medicines and services for oncology patients, and our available stock is not enough for a month, so what if the blockade on oil derivatives continues.”

He added that the oncology center is completely dependent on electricity and may stop at any moment due to the blockade on oil derivatives.


sources: CCDF