More 130 Recorded Violations By Coalition Saudi-Emirate In Hodeidah


The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room, which monitors violations of the Stockholm Agreement and Ceasefire in Hodeidah, reported 131 violations staged by Coalition Saudi-Emirate forces .
A source in the Operations Room pointed out that the violations included developing new military fortifications in Al-Jabalyah district, launching a raid with war plane on Al-Jarahe and the flying of four war planes and three spy drones over Al-Jabalyah and Al-Jarahe districts. They staged 33 attacks with 192 artillery shells, and 85 attacks with live bullets.

On a daily basis, the Coalition Saudi-Emirate violates the UN-backed agreement, reached between the warring sides UN-sponsored peace negotiations in Sweden in December 2018.

The continuous violations by the forces of Coalition Saudi-Emirate in Hodeidah come in light of an international silence .