Coalition Saudi-Emirate commits massacres in conjunction with internet outage in Yemen


During the past two days, the Coalition Saudi-Emirate has committed many massacres in Yemen, in which about 500 civilians have been reported killed or wounded, in conjunction with a near total internet outage due to airstrikes that hit the country’s international internet portal in the coastal city of Hodeidah in western Yemen, official sources said.

The Coalition Saudi-Emirate has stepped up its air strikes on civilian positions in Yemen, after the army forces bombed sensitive positions in the United Arab Emirates.

About 91 civilians were killed and nearly 500 other inmates of the reserve prison in Saada were injured following airstrikes on a prison and detention center where some 2,000 prisoners were being held.

According to the official sources, fifteen telecommunications company workers were also killed and wounded in a bombing targeting the telecommunications building in Hodeidah city, which resulted in a near total internet service blackout in large areas of the country.