Over 2,500 cluster bombs and mines destroyed: Mine Management Center



Last January, the Executive Center for Mine Management was able to destroy more than 2,500 cluster bombs and mines left by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression.

The center confirmed that the areas that were cleared during January were 456,337 square meters in the governorates of Sanaa, Al-Bayda, Al-Jawf, Marib and Al-Hodeidah. Meanwhile, 2,505 mines, cluster bombs and remnants of war were discovered, collected and destroyed.

The center added that it was able to carry out a technical survey in Hodeidah governorate for 25 mined areas with a total area of ​​400 million square meters during the past two months.

The center also confirmed that the number of fields marked as mined fields is 7 fields, with a total area of ​​727,328 square meters, in the governorates of Al-Bayda, Marib and Hodeidah.

The center pointed out that the awareness-raising teams on the dangers of mines, cluster bombs, remnants of war and air raids began their awareness activities in January 2022 in 9 districts witin Hodeidah province.