Coalition Saudi-Emirate Destroy Building Of Communications Company In Sana’a


The Coalition Saudi-Emirate aircraft destroyed the building of the Yemen Company for International Communications north of the capital, Sana’a, less than three weeks after the internet and international communications were cut off due to targeting the communications office in Hodeidah.
Resources from Sana’a reported that the Coalition Saudi-Emirate warplanes targeted with two raids on early Monday the building of the Yemeni Company for International Communications in the Western Jraf area in the Al-Thawra district, which led to its complete destruction.

He added that the Coalition Saudi-Emirate’s raids also caused severe damage to the building adjacent to the targeted building.

On other hand , the Coalition Saudi-Emirate aircraft targeted the Communications Office in Hodeidah with several raids, which led to the interruption of internet and international communications in Yemen for several days. Then it was restored with local efforts.

The Coalition Saudi-Emirate threatened to target the headquarters of the Yemeni ministries in a continuation of the recent wave of escalation that mainly affected Yemeni cities and left, according to the Yemeni Ministry of Health, about 500 civilians martyred and wounded .