Anaam al-Yemen Foundation initiate wheat harvest season in Jawf



Anaam al-Yemen Foundation for Development initiated on Sunday the wheat harvest season for the year 2022 AD on its farm in Jawf province.

The Executive Director of the Foundation, Misfir al-Shaer, explained that within the framework of the national trend, to move towards agriculture and develop it to reach the stage of self-sufficiency, the Anaam al-Yemen Foundation started the wheat harvest season on its farm in Al-Jar area, Jawf Governorate, where wheat was cultivated in large areas exceeding 100 hectares.

Misfer Al-Shaer pointed out that the harvest season at the Anaam al-Yemen farm in Jawf included, in addition to wheat, the harvest of fruits and citrus, most notably the orange crop, which is grown on an area of ​​32 hectares, and vegetable crops such as potatoes, garlic and others.

He pointed out that the Corporation has an agricultural plan for the next season, which includes introducing modern agricultural mechanization on a large scale, encouraging and supporting investment agriculture in a large way, and contributing to increasing the area of ​​agricultural land, within the national trend to break the agricultural siege and reach the stage of self-sufficiency in grains and fruits.

Yemen’s cattle farm in Jawf Governorate is one of the largest farms in the Republic, with an area of ​​320 hectares.