Watch: Army foils massive Saudi-led attack on Haradh and breaks siege on the city (Pictures)



The Yemeni Army along with the People’s Committees confronted a massive advance attempt conducted by the forces of the Saudi-led aggression in Haradh, Hajjah Governorate. The army then carried out a counter operation to retrieve large areas.

The military media distributed scenes that showed the army and the popular committees were able to confront the Saudi-led forces and inflict heavy losses in lives and equipment.

The various military units in the armed forces participated in confronting the attack of the aggressive forces that had aerial coverage, using military jets and reconnaissance UAVs, and a wide of missile and artillery fire.

Moreover, the missile force and the air force of the Yemeni army carried out several operations with a number of ballistic missiles and drones, which targeted gatherings and camps of the forces of aggression and their communication networks.

The artillery unit managed to double the material and human losses in their ranks, with continuous targeting of their gatherings and fortifications.

The scenes showed the ability of the army to destroy a large number of armored vehicles affiliated with the forces of aggression, and some of which were forced to retreat due to the steadfastness tough confrontation of the army.

The scenes showed that the Army and the People’s Committees launched a counter operation to break the siege on the city of Haradh and advance from two tracks, “Al-Husnain and southeast of Haradh” to restore the sites, Al-Tabbab and the villages surrounding the Haradh district, in addition to restoring Al-Muhsam and Al-Hayjah and secure their surroundings.

The scenes showed a number of dead bodies of the mercenaries of the aggression, prisoners falling into the grip of the army, and mercenaries running for their lives.

The losses of the forces of aggression since the last escalation amounted to more than 580 dead and wounded, including more than 200 dead, noting the killing of Saudi soldiers and Sudanese mercenaries.

More than 40 military vehicles and armored vehicles, including a communications vehicle and minesweeper, were destroyed, burned, and more than 60 Katyusha missiles were destroyed, a Chinese-made CH4 spy plane downed along with a small espionage drone. Additionally, 7 heavy and medium weapons were destroyed.