UNICEF Interventions In Health, Education, Water Sectors Discussed In Sana’a


The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Ibrahim Al-Hamali, discussed on Tuesday with UNICEF Resident Representative in Yemen, Philippe Duamelle, the organization interventions and projects, especially in health, education and water sectors.

During the meeting, Al-Hamali valued UNICEF’s efforts in providing services and paying attention to projects that the community needs in the areas of health, education and water.

Al-Hamali pointed to the extent of the suffering, burdens and challenges imposed on the Yemeni people as a result of the aggression and the siege.

He called on humanitarian organizations to denounce the violations against civilians, including the closure of Sanaa Airport and the deprivation of thousands of patients from traveling to receive treatment, as well as the detention of oil derivatives ships.

For his part, the UNICEF representative praised the Council efforts, which led to the successful implementation of service projects in various fields.

Duamelle confirmed the organization’s endeavor to provide possible support to the health sector and child care, as well as the provision of water and education needs.