Interior Ministry reveals truth about escape of 2 American girls to Aden



Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Brigadier General Abdul-Khaleq Al-Ajri on Friday revealed the details of the escape of two Yemeni women with American citizenship to Aden province.

In a statement published by the security media this evening, Brigadier Al-Ajri said that family disputes between the families of the two women and their husbands were the reason behind their fleeing to Aden.

“Zahraa Amin Abdelkarim Sufyan and her sister Samiha married the citizens Jihad Ali Ateeq Al-Bali and his brother Khattab, and their marriage only took place three weeks ago,” Al-Ajri said.

He stated that the two husbands submitted an official report to the police stating that their wives had fled.

The two wives coordinated with two persons, called Aziz al-Radmi and Ibrahim Ahmed Ali al-Radmi, who transported them to Aden after coordination with their mother, who lives in the USA, Al-Ajri added.

He mentioned that the documents obtained by the Ministry of Interior prove that the marriage of the two girls was aimed at obtaining American citizenship, as the husbands paid 160,000 US dollars as dowries for them.

Al-Ajri pointed out that the Saudi-led aggression coalition spokesman’s claims that the two girls were in the custody of the authorities in Sana’a, and that they were released after security coordination between the United States and Saudi Arabia are not true.

“The allegations of the coalition countries are ridiculous and baseless, and they are looking for fake achievements on the sidelines of social issues and problems,” he added.