Gulf states , humiliating normalization with Zionist entity


Gulf regimes, by their normalization with the entity of the Zionist enemy, dealt a fatal blow to the long history of the legitimate struggle of Arab nation, which sacrificed convoys of martyrs who offered their lives cheaply against the Zionist entity and liberated occupied land.

The unfortunate thing is that normalization with the entity of the Zionist enemy came and the nation is living in its weakest state after the global intelligence forces managed to strike the joints of power in them and find reasons for hostility among them, and encourage the establishment of small and meager entities to facilitate their control, in addition to destroying the Arab military force that represented the natural equivalent. The occupation army, and the matter is clear in the destruction of the Syrian and Iraqi armies and the attempts that are being made to destroy the Egyptian army.

Furthermore, Gulf states have committed a crime in Arab nation contemporary history when they rushed to normalize with an occupying and usurping entity and from a weakness position in order to satisfy the United States of America and Western colonial powers.

Arab support for Palestinian cause has begun to weaken, and because of the American and Western media machine that tries day and night, by broadcasting an automated center, to acknowledge and accept the reality of defeat, destroy the psyche of Arab citizen, and divert his concerns to secondary issues that have nothing to do with his bitter reality, and the UAE is alive on that.

Moreover, the UAE has torpedoed Arab identity and questioned the religion of the nation and placed its capabilities in the hands of Zionism and the United States of America, and the Arab citizen wonders why the Gulf countries have given up their identity, religion, values and morals? Are security reasons imposed on it? And what are you afraid of when they are not confrontational countries and have not provided anything to support the Palestinian cause through the course of the legitimate struggle?

What the Gulf states have done has nothing to do with the Arab nation, its history, religion and morals, but on the other hand, there is a clear emergence of the axis of resistance represented in Iran, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, which stands with everything it possesses to support the Palestinian cause at a time of Arab moral collapse.