YPC: The Actual Cost Of Fuel in Free Zones Will Decrease


The Yemeni Petroleum Company said that from Thursday morning a tank of gasoline will be sold for 11,500 riyals and diesel for 13,500 YER at fuel stations in the free zones.

YPC official spokesman Issam al-Mutawakil said that after calculating the actual cost of the ships that were recently released by the aggression and reached the port of Hodeida the sale of fuel will be11,500 YER for a 20-liter tank and 13,500 YER for a 20-liter diesel tank.

Al-Mutawakil indicated that the calculation is affected by the decrease or increase in the actual costs.

It is noteworthy that the cost of fuel is affected by several factors, including the price of the loading exchange, shipping costs, the profit margin of the exporter and importer, the insurance of a war zone, delay fines and the seizure of ships and the local exchange rate.